About this Blog

Hello! My main interests are exploring, adventure/travel writing, and photography–especially related to paddling and increasingly biking (though I do a lot of other jobs to pay the bills).  For almost ten years, I designed and taught part-time university writing courses, including classes on adventure writing, travel writing, blog writing, and magazine writing.

Recently, I’ve been chatting with a few publishing companies about turning my courses into casual “how-to” handbooks. In developing these materials, I realized there’s a lot of “stuff” left over that’s NSFC–not safe for classrooms–and might lead to my future detainment by campus police. I’m only slightly exaggerating.

Often adventure and travel writing and photography looks like pretty slick stuff, but that’s just the final product. Anyone who’s seen an adventure outtakes video knows that, much of the time, the actual adventure is a hot mess. During my adventures, I have done a lot of stupid shit. I seem to have an uncanny ability to fall, trip, or crash my bike onto my camera. I become unusually defiant when maps try to tell me which way to go. I seem to enjoy personal injury and go to great lengths to pursue such pain. I’m not sure, but I believe I onetime sent a grandmother down a dangerous mountain bike trail because I misunderstood her question. I have watched my kayak take off down the river without me–and had to swim after it–while all was captured by my camera. I’m particularly fond of running out of drinking water in the desert. And that’s just this past year.

On this blog, I’d like to share the behind-the-scenes side of adventuring, writing, and photography. In some instances, I’ll pull in relevant pieces I’ve published elsewhere, but as the blog progresses it will be increasingly new materials. Confessions about mistakes made, the many lessons learned in the field, and all the wacky mishaps that follow being a hot mess of an adventure writer.


About Mike Bezemek

I’m a writer and photographer of four books, several blogs, and many articles for a variety of publications. I write a pair of paddling blogs, Regular Paddler, Remarkable Waters and soon Weekend Expeditions, for Canoe & Kayaking magazine. I write a bikepacking article series, Roving Rider, for Adventure Cyclist Magazine.  A pair of guidebooks, Padding the John Wesley Powell Route (available October 1st 2018) and Paddling the Ozarks. A satirical review column about shitty beer, once called Bull on Tap, but which is currently seeking a new home. And the humorous literature companion book series, Twit Lit Classics®, which retells of classic lit in tweets for a 21st-century audience. The first two books, #Moby-Dick and #Frankenstein, are now available from Skyhorse Publishing.