Rocky Mountain Treasure Hunt Ends Under Mysterious Circumstances

“The treasure has been found,” wrote Forrest Fenn, in a June 6 post on a popular site dedicated to the ever-widening search for the eccentric collector’s storied cache. A brief 100 words offered an anticlimactic ending to a controversial hunt that spanned the Rocky Mountains across four states.

In 2009, the retired Santa Fe, NM, antiquities collector claimed he hid a treasure worth around $2 million. Fenn published a book with a poem containing nine clues leading to the spot. Over the next decade, thousands of amateur sleuths joined an increasingly chaotic chase, which led to dozens of rescues and five known deaths.

In a Santa Fe New Mexican article on June 7, Fenn stated the successful searcher was a man from “back East” who wished to remain anonymous. He’d confirmed the discovery by sending a photo to Fenn, who declined to share the photo for the article.

Meanwhile, skeptical observers wondered about a hoax. Perhaps Fenn retrieved the treasure himself or there never was a treasure in the first place?

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Story and photos from when friends and I searched Browns Canyon for the treasure!