Make Your Own Adventure on the John Wesley Powell Route

In the second week of August 1869, John Wesley Powell and his crew of eight—down one man who departed after the Canyon of Lodore—camped for a few days at the Little Colorado River. Today, this tributary in the Grand Canyon is best known for summer rafters who swim through turquoise waters when the creek is low. But during Powell’s expedition, the monsoon was in full effect and the LCR was running high and brown…

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Urban Overnight on the Lower American River

A plan B in Sacramento leads to an unexpected Weekend Expedition

As the three of us pushed off into the American River near the Nimbus Fish Hatchery, there was a slight hue of smoke to the pale sky. The result of late-summer forest fires still lingering across northern California. As summers went, mine had been full of plan Bs. Only a few months before, the motor on my ’99 Taco blew up on a cross-country road trip. My wife and I found ourselves semi-stranded in my hometown, a familiar land full of strangely expensive used vehicles…

How ‘Frankenstein’ Is Based on Real-Life Adventure Travel

Mary Shelley traversed glaciers, sailed Alpine lakes, and climbed peaks, taking notes every step of the way.

This year marks the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Published in 1818, when she was only 20 years old, her celebrated novel is about an arrogant scientist who comes to despise his hideous yet sentient creation. But through countless adaptations, Mary’s most-famous story has become just as misunderstood and distorted as Victor Frankenstein’s so-called “monster.”

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Nantahala River Plus Appalachian Trail in a Day?

A Weekend Expedition that redefines a classic North Carolina run
I was practically sprinting downstream in my packraft through dense fog, persistent rain, and increasing rumbles of thunder. Not only was this predicament unexpected, I wasn’t even sure I’d make it. But, to clarify, by make it I didn’t mean make it out alive. Or even make it to takeout before dark. By make it, I meant I wasn’t sure if I’d make it in time for a dinner date with my wife…


Weekend Expeditions: Red Canyon, Green River, Golden Opportunities

How many ways can you paddle this iconic river canyon on the John Wesley Powell route in northeastern Utah?
Can a paddler get too much of a good thing? I was wondering this as I started on my sixth overall pass–fourth on this early June weekend–through the startling sandstones and cliff-clinging pines of the Green River’s A Section in Red Canyon. It was Saturday evening and there were only a few scattered fishermen putting on, after a typical hundred-boater glut at mid-day. Like a magician, I’d saved the best for last–a bomber run in my Pyranha Machno. Though the real trick was convincing my worn-out wife to run this final shuttle down to Little Hole Rec Area.

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Red Canyon, Green River, Golden Opportunities

Weekend Expeditions: A Lees Ferry to Glen Canyon Loop?

The search begins for a new Colorado River adventure on the John Wesley Powell Route in Canoe & Kayak’s new series chasing two-day paddling adventures
I was in upper Ferry Swale Canyon, with packraft and camping gear on my back, following a sandstone ridge toward powerlines. The Colorado River was beneath the plateau and out of sight. In the distance, the golf course oasis of Page rose atop an orange hillside. I was definitely on track. But the deep sand I sunk into with every plodding step had fatigued my legs. Should I have just paid a hundred bucks for a backhaul motorboat ride up from Lees Ferry?

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